Electronic Check Processing Solution

Our ACH/Electronic check processing solution allows you to electronically debit and credit checking and savings accounts that can be linked to any credit card processing or done separately. Whether you need to process 1 transactions or 10,000 per day, our system allow you to accept a one-time payment or use our reliable secure system for automating recurring payments. Not only do we provide you with easy to understand powerful tools, we will be there to help and answer the questions you have now and in the future.

Reason to accept payments via ACH

  • Seamlessly place customers on an ACH based automated payment plan.
  • Ability to process check and credit card payments from one platform.
  • Accept an ACH e-check or check by phone or fax.
  • Capability to automatically update your accounting package.
  • Ability to collect NSF checks in an automated fashion.
  • Reduce payment-processing costs by 80% or more.
  • QuickBooks SyncPay Plug-In

ACH/Electronic Checks

Set Up Fee (One time)$30.00
Monthly fee$12.50
Per Transaction fee$0.25
Discount rate$0.00
Annual fee$0.00
Early Termination fee$0.00
Check return fee$10.00
ApplicationACH/Electronic Check