Check Acceptance

At Quick Swipe Services we offer programs with an innovative approach to check acceptance that will attract new customers.


Forget those old fashioned gift certificates of yesteryear. Reward loyal customers with gift cards with the look and feel of a credit card.


The must have of the 21st century Debit cards, and are fast becoming the most widely used option customers choose when making their daily purchases.

PCI Compliance

If you are a merchant of any size accepting credit cards, you must be in compliance with PCI Security Council.

Communication Packages

We provide FREE internet at your business location with your merchant services account.

cash advance business loans

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This program is designed to benefit small business facilities. Manually key a significant portion of your transactions and decrease those surcharges. Maximize profits.

Developed for merchants and service providers with a disproportionately high keyed transactions rate. Hand entered surcharges reduced. You cut your operating costs and maximize your profits.

Solutions for every size retail business. Reduce the effects of the recession. Remember the motto ‘when times are tough, the tough go shopping’. Accepting credit cards is the lifeblood of every retail business. At Quick Swipe Services we make it affordable.

Quick Swipe Services can provide bar merchants with an open tab service with set limit ability and web based POS. Whether you’re a small ‘mom and pop’ or a major restaurant chain, the answers you’re looking for are right here with Quick Swipe Services.

At Quick Swipe Services we understand that hotel mangers face unique challenges. In today’s complex financial market, lodging merchants are seeking solutions, in two main areas: front desk management and back office operations. We provide processing solutions in adherence with the standard lodging requirements of MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

The invention of the Internet revolutionized the retail industry. In order to succeed, it is vital that online retailers accept credit card payments. Quick Swipe Services provides you with the tools to use the credit card payment gateway to you best advantage. Large website or small, Quick Swipe will help make your retail business a contender on the world wide web.

Electronic processing trends have evolved considerably in the 21st century. New technology gives mobile businesses access to credit card authorization networks previously available to retail businesses only. Gone are the days of accepting cash or checks only. To be sure, mobile business professionals today can tap into dedicated networks that have been designed for wireless devices of all types. Thus enabling you to transmit and receive data at lightening speed. Quick Swipe will help you realize the power in you hands.

Quick Swipe Services has the resources to assist you in meeting the demands of the wholesale business. Recurring charges, monthly billing and one-time purchases with various points of sale products are now all handled with ease. ACH electronic debits included.